Business Intelligence
    • What is Business Intelligence? 

    It is harvest time! To turn the data into insight. But regular BI (Business Intelligence) tools are not suitable to handle Big Data, since we can bring vital business concepts into a visualized dashboard from your high variety, high volume, and high velocity data. 

    • Why Business Intelligence 

    • Fast reporting solution 

    • Priceless business insight 

    • Reduce operational cost 

    • Boost operational efficiency 

    • Easy to understand 

    • How we do it? 

    • With well governed data stored in data warehouses, data lakes and data marts, we turned unstructured or non-relational data into the powerhouse of your business to extract important KPIs and index which are easy to access via a well-designed dashboard all over your organization. 

    • Extracting key business index 

    • Integration 

    • UI/UX design 

    • Reports 

    • Dashboard 

    • Do you need to BI Service? 

    • We can assess your Business Intelligence project and evaluate what you need to empower with your big data. Just complete Data Business Intelligence form. 

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