Big Data for Banking and Financial Service

Data is the King

Large and diverse. It is the straight forward definition of data that generate in banking system and it sounds familiar. Bingo, big data! Banking system is where data generated by a lunatic pace. Digital transformation of banking let transaction be done in everywhere and every time and gaining control over how to interpret it is almost impossible in the traditional approaches. It is the right time to introduce big data analytics to collect, manage and analyze data in real time and be privileged from data-driven decisions.

Data Integration

Banking, insurance, and financial firms are accustomed to data-driven policies. However, nowadays, a variety of data sources and stakeholders makes it more challenging to have a 360° picture of all data that can influence the resolutions. A part of Big Data Analytics service at Rhlabs is data integration. All the organization data gathered into a single database after being pre-processed. We will design tailor-maid data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts to handle various requirements from different stakeholders in the organization.

Unleash the Power of API

Your precious data, from customer transaction to operational costs, are not just vital for data-driven policies and strategies but also can be a valuable source of creation. In an integrated Big Data environment, we develop numerous REST API according to your in-house requirements. These APIs will boost your data flow all over the organization and be a source of creation for your next platform, customer App, or any new system that needs data to bring value for the company.

Fraud Detection

Financial systems are potential victims of fraud. Unfortunately, fraudsters use different patterns each time, and it makes it harder to identify the act of fraud in time. But with an integrated Big Data database, advanced machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence engines, we detect even the most elaborate fraud patterns just in time. With a Big Data Analytics fraud detection system, you can prevent a tremendous amount of loss both in financial and legal aspects.

Ready for the evolution?

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